Spring into Action to Prevent Springtime Mosquitoes

A mosquito biting a person

No creature is as universally despised as the mosquito. Whether you’re camping, hiking or eating at a (socially distanced) backyard barbeque, they always know how to ruin a good time. Now that the warm weather is here to stay this year, these pests are too. But there’s still hope; you can take steps to eliminate or even prevent springtime mosquitoes.

Why are Mosquitoes Dangerous?

Mosquitoes are hated for good reason—they’re not just annoying, they’re actually the deadliest creature in the world! Known for their spread of dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, Zika and Eastern Equine Encephalitis; it’s important to stop these common pests in their tracks.

Warmer Weather Brings Back the Bugs

While mosquitoes are frequently associated with summer, they only need a temperature around 50°F to survive. Once the warm weather pushes past this threshold on a regular basis, they will stop their overwinter (hibernation) process and begin the hunt for blood. This can happen anytime during the late winter or early spring, usually between March and May.

Once the adult mosquitoes have woken up and the new generation of eggs have hatched, they will search for two things: standing water and feeding opportunities (your blood). So what can you do to prevent and protect yourself from springtime mosquitoes on your property?

  1. Remove standing water: these pests love shallow, stagnant water to lay their eggs, and you will frequently see them hovering around birdbaths, children’s pools or small ponds.
  2. Cover up and use bug spray: if the mosquitoes are already out in full force, make sure you protect yourself. Female mosquitoes hunt for blood from humans and animals and use it to develop their eggs.
  3. Call Braman!

Braman Is Here to Help

We have developed a mosquito prevention service to help you reclaim the comfort of your backyard. Our specialized Mosquito and Tick Protection Plan™, in which we will assess your home and property, will identify any breeding grounds or at-risk areas for these pests. We will treat shrubbery and other resting areas to reduce the incidence of mosquitoes on your property.

This protection starts in early spring and lasts until late fall, and special rates are available for existing members of our Braman MultiPest Plan. Spring into action to fight back; just contact us to get started.