Pest Prevention
The MultiPest Plan

If you are a homeowner in New England, you can be sure of one thing: you will have pests. Fortunately, you will also have peace of mind with a safe, effective MultiPest Plan from Braman.

This custom pest elimination and prevention plan will protect your home from a multitude of pests, including carpenter antsbees, waspsspidersrodents and others that, if left untreated, can become serious problems.

The MultiPest Plan includes three scheduled visits every year—in the spring, summer, and fall. If additional visits are needed for the covered pests, there is no additional cost.

We also offer our specialized Mosquito & Tick Protection Program™, focused on two of the more common—and dangerous—pests that homeowners (and their pets) face. We’ll assess your home and property to identify any breeding grounds or at-risk areas for mosquitoes and ticks, and our protection treatments start in early spring and continue until the end of fall.

Special rates for the Mosquito & Tick Protection Program are available for existing members of the MultiPest Plan. Contact us for details.

Braman practices integrated pest management (IPM). IPM relies on many tactics and not just on the use of chemicals to achieve control. It begins with a detailed inspection to determine the scope of a problem, identification of the pest so we may use its biology and behaviors against it, education of our customers on the importance of sanitation and exclusion efforts, and, finally, treatment or control. If chemical controls are necessary, they are used in such a way as to minimize exposure to people, non-target animals and the environment. Precise applications target only the areas that are most susceptible to pests.

Best of all, our plans are guaranteed or your money back, and there is never a charge for estimates! For more information, call Braman toll-free today at 800-338-6757.