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Fall Invaders

Fall Invaders Overview

In Autumn, you may discover your house has been invaded by some common fall pests such as ladybugs, stink bugs, cluster flies, boxelder bugs or western conifer seed bugs. These fall invaders enter your home or business to keep warm during cold New England winters. Braman can help you eliminate them.

Boxelder Bug Removal

As the name implies, these pests usually feed on the seeds of boxelder trees but will also target maple and ash. If you are in need of boxelder bug control, Braman can help you through a combination of treatment and preventative measures.

Stink Bug Removal

Brown marmorated stink bugs are mainly agricultural pests, hated by farmers and backyard gardeners alike for their habit of piercing through fruits and vegetables with their mouthparts and causing noticeable bruising of produce. Additionally, they tend to move indoors in the fall to begin their hibernation for the winter. If you’re suffering from a stink bug invasion in your home or business, Braman can provide help through our stink bug removal service.

Asian Ladybug Pest Control

Asian ladybugs are actually beetles. Their full name is the multi-colored Asian ladybird beetle. There are many ladybugs, but this one invades structures. They come inside your home through exclusion issues like tiny cracks around doors and windows and eaves. Ladybugs like to mass together, so chances are if you see one in your home when it’s cold outside, you probably have more. They can occasionally bite people (which is more startling than harmful) and stain surfaces through their feces and defensive secretions. Give Braman a call if you suffer with ladybugs.

Cluster Fly Control

Cluster flies look like larger versions of house flies, but they are poor fliers and tend to gather in large numbers, hence their name. Adults lay eggs in soil which hatch into larvae and parasitize earthworms. After pupation, the adult emerges to mate, lay eggs and find shelter for the winter which could lead them into your home or business. Vacuuming is an easy way to remove them one they are inside. Like many of these other fall invaders, prevention through exclusion is the best way to avoid an infestation.
Asian Ladybugs

Fun Fact

Asian ladybird beetles (ladybugs) can make themselves bleed from their leg joints when disturbed. If you handle one and find yellowish-brown stains on your hands, that’s bug blood!

Fun Fact

Female cluster flies lay their eggs in soil, with the hope that the larvae will find an earthworm to parasitize. The larvae feed on earthworms until they pupate into their adult form.