Commercial Pest Audits

As food quality standards continue to improve, there are more regimens for commercial pest audits than ever. Some of these are stricter than others, so Braman Termite & Pest Elimination ensures that we stay current with the various requirements so we can help you avoid penalties during audits. At the same time, we make sure you’re not paying for a very expensive program beyond what is necessary for your facility.

Maintaining Our Expertise

commercial pest auditsWith so many varying standards, we require our technicians, supervisors and managers to attend continuing education classes to stay on top of commercial pest control audit developments. This ensures that they are familiar with the requirements for:

Pre-Audit Inspection

Our pre-audit inspection and service can help ensure that you attain the highest possible score on the pest management portions of third-party audits. In our inspection, we run through our pest control audit checklist, which includes checking pest control inspection form sighting logs, trend reports, documentation and licenses, certificates of insurance, labels and safety data sheets and much more. Upon request, we can also arrange to accompany your auditor on the day of the audit. For customers who want a logbook, we automatically register you for our new e-logbook system which keeps all documentation up-to-date. Added bonuses include being able to perform e-audits, being able to access all of your pest control documents from anywhere and being able to produce graphs of pest trends.

Barcode Scanning

Want to make the process even easier? Barcode scanning assures accurate data collection and pest control records, which is readily available from our Premier Customer Portal. You’re able to view past and upcoming service information, schedule service, make secure online bill payments and more at the touch of a button.