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Bird Removal

Birds Overview

Bird removal has become an important element in the pest management industry because birds can cause severe public health problems through their nesting habits and droppings. There are three invasive birds that cause humans the most trouble: feral pigeons, European starlings and English sparrows.

Where are They Found?


Feral pigeons prefer to roost on ledges and roofs, while European starlings and English sparrows prefer cavities and voids. All of these are problematic locations for commercial facilities. While birds can end up in almost any location at any time of year, you’re most likely to see them in the spring. Braman handles these nesting problems and can remove birds from home and commercial environments including:

  • Food handling industry
  • Health care facilities
  • Industrial
  • Restoration projects
  • New construction
  • Retail
  • Residential

What Makes Birds Harmful?


Bird droppings are not only unsightly, but they are also major culprits when it comes to the spread of disease. Birds and their droppings can transmit more than sixty different diseases including salmonella, West Nile virus and avian flu. For these reasons, it is important that they are kept from residing in areas where they can negatively impact the health of people.

Signs Birds are Present in Your Home or Facility


There are a few ways to determine if birds are currently nesting in your attic or windowsills or the rafters of your business. The most obvious sign is seeing one; most of these creatures aren’t exactly small so you’re likely going to notice their presence. You may also hear more bird noise or chirping than usual, indicating birds directly outside your business. Besides that, you may notice destructive behavior, like tearing into product bags and causing spillage.



Braman provides effective solutions for your problems with birds. Since each problem is unique, Braman will evaluate and custom design a bird control program to exclude or deter birds from nesting and roosting at your facility.

There are several products used to control birds on both a temporary and permanent basis. The most long-lasting method is bird pest control netting. We can specially design a ¾ of an inch net affixed to a cable system around the perimeter of the area where birds are to be kept out. These installations have been known to last longer than a decade, and the black color of the netting makes it almost invisible from a distance.

Our other humane eradication methods employ sticky repellants, slopes to render ledges unavailable, spiked products and mild electric shock. Our solutions will not only remove the current infestation but will also prevent further infestations in the future. Contact Braman for an evaluation today, we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

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Fun Fact

Do you hear that? Pigeons have excellent hearing abilities and can detect sounds at much lower frequencies than humans.

Fun Fact

European starlings are the most populous songbirds in North America, but they were first introduced to the continent by Shakespeare enthusiasts in the 19th century!

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