Lyctid powderpost beetle

Powderpost Beetle Removal

Powderpost Beetles Overview

Powderpost beetles are rarely seen. Evidence of their existence is in the form of small “shot holes” in wood rather than seeing the actual beetle itself. Our powderpost beetle removal service is crucial because of the destruction these pests can cause in wooden structures over time. They are second only to termites in terms of wood damage caused. Powderpost beetles receive their name for the dusty powder substance left behind from their constant wood boring.

Where are They Found?


While powderpost beetles frequently breed in dead and dried hardwoods like tree limbs and branches. They get indoors when lumber is stored improperly, prior to being made into hardwood floors, cabinetry, or structural timbers. Adult beetles deposit their eggs in the pores and exit holes of lumber, most frequently in the springtime. The mature larvae are small, white grubs just a fraction of an inch long that remain in the wood through the winter and reach their adulthood in the spring. These beetles then do additional damage trying to exit the wood that they were born into.  Life cycles are long, lasting anywhere from one to five years, depending on species—so infestations are not immediately noticed.

Powderpost beetles attack all types of woods, including hardwood, softwood or bamboo. They can be found in wooden floors, timbers and crates, antiques and other objects made of wood.

What Makes Powderpost Beetles Harmful?


Powderpost beetles are not a direct threat to people or animals since they don’t sting or bite, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely harmful. It’s important to resolve problems before they cause structural issues.

In addition, they work in hard-to-spot locations, almost silently, meaning their presence could go unnoticed for months for even years. Braman can help you find these pests and we know how to get rid of powderpost beetles through a variety of methods.

Signs Powderpost Beetles are Present in Your Home or Facility


The most common way for a powderpost beetle infestation to affect your home or facility is if you new wood or bring new wood into your building that has already been infested.

Besides seeing a powderpost beetle, the easiest way to know if you have an infestation if by the powdery mess they leave behind, known as frass. It’s a mixture of larvae excrement and tiny particles of wood. The frass can accumulate in a pile below the boring holes, but sometimes it can also form a line down the side of the wood below the hole’s location. You may also see “shot holes” in wood, which are small and perfectly round, as if a shotgun blasted the wood.



Prevention is key when it comes to powderpost beetle control, and you should make periodic inspections of wood sources in your home or facility. When it comes to how to remove powderpost beetles, the solutions can be a little more complicated. If you think you have an infestation, contact us today. Braman can help treat your problem with powderpost beetle removal methods including wood treatment.

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Fun Fact

Powderpost beetles are rarely seen, but you may see the mess they leave behind! They get their name from the dusty powder substance created from constant wood boring.

Fun Fact

The larvae of a powderpost beetle (small, white grubs) can spend years inside wood while developing and living off starch.