Food Supply Pest Control

Braman Termite & Pest Elimination has extensive experience providing food supply pest control services that are integral to both safety and profitability. Whether it is on the farm, in the production/packaging facility or in warehousing and distribution, we have the know-how and experience to help protect public health and your brand.

asparagus in grocery store

Why Is Pest Control So Important in Food Safety?

Pest control in food industry facilities is critical for a successful business. An infestation or just the presence of certain pests can result in mass food spoilage, failed food safety inspections and damage to your bottom line.

From mice to grain-infesting insects, pests can penetrate packaging and infest a wide range of edible materials, including flour, cereals, nuts, spices, pasta and rice. Don’t let this happen in your business; we can help you stay on top of your pest control checklist for food safety with our data collection service. It allows our technicians to easily compile all of your pest control data in one location including service time and duration, the areas and/or devices inspected, actions taken, relevant findings and deficiencies.

Protecting the Food Supply

As expert pest control technicians, we know the importance of documentation when it comes to pest control procedures in the food industry. We design customized pest management programs that help businesses throughout the food supply chain comply with their particular standards and pass food safety audits required by various food safety regimens and conducted by third-party auditors.

Our technicians, supervisors and managers undertake extensive study and continuing education, ensuring that we provide services that comply with your specific requirements.