Hospitality Pest Control

Let pests know they aren’t welcome guests in your establishment. From hotel rooms to restaurant kitchens, Braman specializes in hospitality pest control to help you keep your customers happy while you send pests packing.

Hospitality Pest Control

Restaurant Pest Control

“Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!” Not when you partner with Braman Termite & Pest Elimination. We’ll help you abide by stringent restaurant pest control requirements by eliminating infestations of flies, cockroaches, ants, mice, rats or any other pests.

Once we find the source and eradicate all the pests currently living in your restaurant, we use a range of methods and materials to ensure you won’t have a reoccurrence. Our techniques encompass the best pest control for restaurants and include physical exclusion, sanitation, bioremediation, traps, baits, liquid applications, insect growth regulators and more.

“Braman has provided our six existing restaurants with exceptional service. They performed daily visits until the problem was solved…Their team went above and beyond our expectations.”—Michael DesRosiers, Niche Hospitality Group

Lodging Pest Control

There’s no bigger concern than bed bugs when it comes to the lodging industry. While these pests are small, they can cause big damage to your name, reputation and bottom line. We offer a full range of services to help protect your property, customers and brand.

Our bed-bug-sniffing canines are our most effective asset for detection and can even identify and locate a single bed bug in a room. If you already have bed bugs, our treatment options include insecticide application and heat remediation.

The Braman Commitment to Quality

When it comes to pest control in hospitality, we take care of establishments ranging from exclusive restaurants to mall food courts or chains with multiple locations. We deliver excellence and value, we can serve hospitality customers across Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York and beyond.

The most important element in a successful pest management program is the well-trained service professional that provides your service on a regular basis and the service support team that backs the technician up. In this aspect, Braman can’t be beat. None of our solutions are off-the-shelf—our team works with you to design a program that is both pest- and cost-effective.