Braman Termite & Pest Elimination Reminds You to be Wary of Summer’s Stinging Insects

A mosquito sitting on its reflection

Braman and the National Pest Management Association caution homeowners to leave stinging insect nests alone

Summer is here. Braman Termite & Pest Elimination, a leading provider of pest management services across southern New England since 1890, is sharing tips from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to help protect the public from harmful stinging insects like wasps, yellowjackets and hornets that could be buzzing and nesting nearby.

“Stinging insects thrive in the summer months,” said Jerry Lazarus, owner of Braman Termite & Pest Elimination. “These insects can be very dangerous—considerably more to those with any allergies to them—and should always be handled by a licensed pest control professional, especially when it comes to nest removal when hornets and wasps may attack.”

According to the NPMA, stinging insects send more than 500,000 people annually to the emergency room. Braman is committed to helping reduce this number by educating homeowners on how to protect themselves with these tips from the NPMA:

  • Seal all visible cracks and crevices to keep these pests from moving indoors, and regularly inspect around the yard and along the perimeter of the house for nests.
  • During a picnic or cookout, cover all food when outside and be sure to keep tight-fitting lids on trash bins. Same coverage rule applies to sweetened drinks as wasps and bees are also attracted to them.
  • If spending long periods of time outdoors, avoid excessive use of perfume or cologne, as yellowjackets and other stinging insects are attracted to sweet-smelling scents. When possible, use unscented shampoos, soaps, lotions and sunscreen.
  • Avoid wearing dark colors and floral prints as these patterns can attract stinging insects. Wear closed-toe shoes, especially in grassy areas where hornets and other pests often nest.
  • Remain calm, cool and collected. Do not swat a nearby pest or flail in panic. These movements may provoke an attack. Instead, calmly and slowly walk away from the area. The insect should fly away without causing any harm.

Braman has been dealing with stinging insects for over 125 years. Braman’s licensed pest professionals have been trained to identify all manner of stinging insects, including the experience and expertise to ensure that any bee infestation or hornets’ nest is promptly and safely handled.