Are Third Party Audits Part of Your Business? We Can Help

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Lots of industries are subject to third party audits for pest control, including food supply and manufacturing. Some are particularly stringent, and the cost of penalties can be high. At Braman, we make it part of our business to stay on top of the various requirements for your business.

Whether you are a small, family-owned business or a sprawling Fortune 500 facility, we can design a program to meet your needs. Although third party audits and inspections are most prevalent in the food safety chain, we also offer FDA-compliant pest management services to the medical, bio-tech, pharmaceutical and related packaging industries. If government regulations are of concern to you and your livelihood, rest assured that our precise documentation will satisfy necessary standards—guaranteed.

Accountability and Documentation

The most important aspects of any successful pest management program are accountability and documentation measures. Once a program has been set up according to the required specifications, assuring they are maintained and inspected within the time frame and frequency required is what an auditor looks for.

We lead the industry in the use of hand-held technology for data collection. Our electronic data system integrates barcoding scanning, data collection and reporting software to provide you with accurate and timely information.

Our well-trained service professionals offer live data and trend reports so you can receive immediate updates from your service visits. They scan each bar-coded piece of pest control equipment at the time of service to record the current status. A hard copy of each report is placed in your IPM logbook, which remains on site. In addition, all data collected from each service visit is available through our premier customer portal for future reference at any time and from any location.

Our transparent reports will give you peace of mind…and satisfy state or government requirements.

Pass Third Party Audits, Guaranteed

We’ve served commercial and residential customers across southern New England since 1890, and are proud of our reputation and our many referrals. All our technicians are licensed, certified, insured and under the supervision of a board-certified entomologist. We’re big enough to handle all your needs, small enough to offer personalized service, including being on-site during audits. We’re so sure of our service excellence, we guarantee you will pass your audits. Contact us today to learn more.