Are Flies Buzzing Your Business Out the Door?

Close up of a fly

Flies are dirty. They carry germs and disease. They feed and breed in disgusting places. That’s why flies buzzing around your business may also be buzzing your business—your customers—out the door. Unfortunately, they can be a particularly difficult pest to control, especially in restaurants and food supply facilities.

Fly Types

There is quite a variety of fly types, including common house flies, fruit flies, blowflies and cluster flies. The most common types that plague food facilities include house flies, red-eyed fruit flies and dark-eyed fruit flies.

House flies are usually gray and have four dark stripes running down their backs. They like to lay their eggs in a warm, moist medium where their larvae (maggots) can flourish. They breed quickly and prolifically, especially in warm or hot weather, so they can become a big problem quickly. House flies rarely breed indoors; rather, their presence inside indicates an exclusion issue like a door being propped open.

The red-eyed fruit fly, also called the vinegar fly, seeks out fermentation, so they are drawn to overripe fruit, beer taps and liquor bottles. The dark-eyed fruit fly, which has overtaken cockroaches as the most difficult pest to control in foodservice establishments, seeks out decomposing organic matter, so dirty drains, mops and wet trash are attractive spots for them. Both types of fruit flies are very small and breed very fast. Fruit flies of both varieties are indoor breeders that indicate a sanitation issue.

Sanitation is Key

Preventing fly infestations includes meticulous sanitation. The goal is to prevent the creation of attractive feeding and breeding areas. That means addressing spills and leaks immediately and storing food in air-tight containers.

Other tips include:

  • Making sure window screens are in good repair
  • Caulking cracks around windows and doors
  • Ensuring doors close tightly, or have a good screen door if left open
  • Emptying trash regularly and not putting trash cans or dumpsters near doors

The Nature of the Food Business

People associate flies with filth, so having flies buzzing around your business can be very off-putting. Because restaurants and other food businesses are a natural attraction for a variety of flies, addressing the challenge they pose often requires professional help.

While sprays and fogs can kill multitudes of flies, we have found that those treatments alone may be ineffective. Killing adult flies does not stop the infestation. The breeding sites and the immature stages must be found and eliminated. We often recommend a bioremediation foam product containing natural scum and odor-eating microbes. Once applied, it expands and coats the breeding surface, gradually digesting the decaying organic matter.

All infestations are different, based on the types of flies and the environment, so we first conduct an assessment before recommending a custom treatment strategy. We have experience working in all types of restaurants, food courts and chains, as well as food supply facilities. We offer a rapid response and reliable results at reasonable rates. If you find flies are buzzing your business out the door, call us today.