Look Out for Bed Bugs While Traveling

Bed bugs are tiny and they hide easily, which makes them more difficult to detect. That’s why 22News found out what they look like for you.

At Braman, exterminators describe them as looking like apple seeds, and they said they feed only off blood. Michael Bensche at Braman told 22News the best way to avoid them is by checking under your hotel bed mattress and behind the headboard before sleeping.

If you see blood spots or what looks like outer shells of bugs, those could be signs of bed bugs.

“When you come home, I would empty out my suitcase, and I would throw all the clothes into the dryer, I’d leave the suitcase outside, I’d vacuum it, and
I’d probably use a hairdryer because heat will kill bed bugs,” said Bensche.

He said researchers are now looking into whether bed bugs can transmit parasites carrying diseases. Bed bugs are known to bite around your face and neck.

Many people aren’t affected by bed bugs and wouldn’t know if their hotel bed is infected or not. Others can get rashes. Click here to view full coverage and video.