Your Best Protection Against Termites

termite damageTermites cause more damage each year than fires. The cost to repair termite damage across the U.S. runs in the billions of dollars annually.

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    Termite Identification

    Our certified termite and pest control specialists will conduct a thorough termite inspection. Highly trained technicians can often detect the presence of termites; even before they are visible to the naked eye or have had a chance to cause structural damage to your home.

    One common sign of termites is a termite swarm. This is the reproductive function of the termite. Termites swarm, find a mate and get back into the soil to start a new termite colony. In our area, these small black insects with translucent wings emerge in the spring in great numbers. The easiest termite identification points are that the wings of the termite swarmer break off from the body and that width of the termite is pretty much uniform from head to toe, unlike the ant, which has an exaggerated pinched waist.

    Unlike the termite swarmer, the termite worker and termite soldier are cream-colored. You might find them while gardening or in a piece of wood left lying on the ground. In the spring, it is common to find them under flagstones or the splashblock that channels rainwater from the downspout away from the foundation. Don’t bother spraying them because it will not solve anything and may inhibit more permanent solutions.

    Termite mud tubes on foundations or where two wooden structural elements come together are a pretty sure sign that you have termites. About the size of a pencil and brown, these tubes are a closed system highway for termites to travel from the earth to the wood they are eating. This is necessary because termites need a very high moisture content to survive. It is best to leave the mud tube alone and give us a call and schedule your termite inspection.