We Have the ‘Wright’ Stuff, so Pests Beware

Natasha Wright headshot

When Natasha Wright began her college career at the University of Florida, she did so with the intention of becoming a veterinarian. Her love of bugs, however, outweighed her love of animals, so a slight detour (make that flight or scurry) was made in terms of a course of studies—straight toward entomology. Today, Natasha has just as many fans as she does enemies; Braman customers LOVE her, bugs fear her.

After graduation, she pursued advanced studies, earning a master’s degree in entomology from the University of Arkansas, and later became a board-certified entomologist.

A former college advisor provided insight and a glowing recommendation of our company when Natasha sought guidance on where to pursue a career, and the rest they say, is history.

Entomologist, technical director, pest collector

Since joining the team, Natasha has made many positive contributions to the overall staff. As technical director, she leads the training program, and to-date has created over a dozen PowerPoint presentations to be sure technicians have access to the most up-to-date materials possible.

Any training program is only as good as what someone remembers from it. To that end, Natasha designed each to be accessible and digestible. In addition to thorough lessons plans and study guides, quizzes are offered at the end of every session to reinforce learning.

Learning through observation

A reference collection, built and maintained by Natasha, allows staff to see, recognize and classify pests they will encounter during an inspection, which of course, helps aid in their eradication. For instance, there are distinct differences between cockroaches found indoors compared to those found outdoors. Likewise, springtails can sometimes be confused for fleas. This well-maintained reference collection has proven to be an invaluable teaching tool. Right now, it’s kept in a physical form, but Natasha has plans to digitize it. With so many wonderful ideas and plans in the works, we are excited to see what is next in store!

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