Pest Control Goes High Tech

Close up of a barcode being scanned

You might not think of pest control as being high tech, but we actually employ a significant amount of technology to help monitor and control pest populations, especially for our commercial clients. In honor of National Technology Day, we share how we employ the latest technology to help you.

Premier Customer Portal

We offer our commercial and residential customers instant access to their accounts through our online customer portal. Once you set up your profile, you can access your account 24/7 from anywhere, including your:

  • latest service reports
  • past and upcoming service appointments
  • pest trend reports (such as areas and times of peak pest activity)
  • material application records
  • billing and payment history
  • equipment location maps
  • sanitation or structural deficiencies.

You can also schedule service, contact us and make secure payments through the portal.

Accurate Data Collection

We employ state-of-the-art technology to collect and collate data for our customers, so when you need information, we can supply it in an instant. This is especially valuable for our commercial clients.

Our service technicians carry handheld pest management devices that allow them to scan and log your service information while they are on-site, including pest management devices, insecticide usage and sanitation issues. The information is immediately uploaded to our PestPac tracking system. This allows you access to accurate, detailed reports in real-time. You’ll know what services were performed, what actions were taken and other relevant findings. Each technician’s pest license information is automatically included as well, which is helpful for audits.

Easier Auditing

Thanks to the technology described above, you’ll have the information you need when you need it, making life easier for you and your auditing agency.

Through our customer portal, you can set alerts and reminders for yourself. We also remain abreast of the various requirements to help you avoid being penalized during third party audits. In fact, we offer pre-audit inspections and service to help ensure that you attain the highest possible score on the pest management portions of audits. You can even provide access to your electronic logbooks to auditors, so they can review the information from anywhere using their own unique login information.

Put Our High Tech to Work for You

Our commercial clients attest to the many ways we put our expertise, customer service and technology to work for them, and we can do the same for you. Contact us today to get started.