Feeling Lonely this Holiday Season? Invite Pests into Your Home

A mouse posing in swiss cheese

The pandemic has us all feeling a little disconnected, and with restrictions on the size of gatherings, the holiday season may feel a little lonely this year. Fear not! Below, we offer several ways you can invite pests into your home for extra company.

Put Out the Welcome Mat

If you want to be a good host to visitors with four (or more) legs, just follow these tips:

  • Greenery really makes a home look and smell festive. When carrying in trees, garland, holly branches or even logs for the fire, take care to do so gently. If you shake them before they enter the home, you may dislodge hitchhikers—like spiders, mice, moths, bugs and nests—depriving you of potential guests.
  • It’s cold out, so be sure to offer mice a warm place to sleep. Cardboard boxes or plastic bags filled with holiday decorations can be very cozy. You’ll only discourage these furry little visitors if you store your décor in hard plastic bins with tightly sealed lids.
  • Who doesn’t enjoy eating a little extra over the holidays? Ensure your tiny guests have access to treats by leaving plenty of crumbs and spills uncleaned. Don’t tightly seal leftovers or store baking supplies in airtight containers. You’ll be surprised how quickly you welcome new friends into your home!

Time to Say Goodbye?

One thing you may notice about your new houseguests is that they don’t know when it’s time to leave. They are happy to stay as long as you provide food, water and warm place to sleep. If you invite pests into your home accidentally, or if they have overstayed their welcome, give us a call. We’ll don our remediation apparel and dash your way to help!