How to Ward Off a Winter Pest Invasion

House mouse on a white background

As temperatures plunge and snow begins to fall, the buzzing of flies and bees fades away. It’s tempting to think you’re safe from pests during the coldest months since you’re not busy swatting mosquitoes during January. But a winter pest invasion could come in the form of mice, rats or raccoons—capable of causing property damage or transmitting diseases to loved ones or valuable employees and customers.

Winter Pest Invasion Prevention

Many of these critters stay active over the winter, often looking for warm places like attics and basements in homes and businesses for protection. That’s why we recommend a few measures of prevention:

  • Stack firewood at least 20 feet from the building, and give logs a quick brush before bringing inside.
  • Avoid bringing in more firewood than you can use in a short amount of time. Beetles and other tree pests develop and grow in firewood, and the warm indoor temperatures may cause them to emerge.
  • Examine sheds, garages and other outbuildings for signs of rodent infestations. Organize stored items that could provide hiding places. Opt for plastic or metal bins over cardboard boxes.
  • Inspect buildings for missing roof shingles, clogged gutters and torn window screens, as they can provide entry points for pests.
  • Examine the building’s walls and foundations for holes and cracks, especially the openings for utilities and other pipes. Seal where needed.
  • Replace old or failing weather stripping.
  • Repair any loose mortar around windows and foundations.
  • Vacuum regularly around windows and doors to eliminate spiders, silverfish, beetles and earwigs.
  • Ventilate areas like basements, attics and crawl spaces, and keep these areas dry.

We recommend taking these steps regularly, especially after any winter storm, in case the building has sustained any damage. For the most thorough protection, or if you encounter signs of a winter pest invasion, contact a pest control professional.

For peace of mind and a well-defended home or business this winter, give us a call today.