Don’t Let Pests Damage Your Christmas Decorations

Jerry Lazarus on 22News

You’ll want to keep pests from paying you a visit this holiday season. If you still have some decorating to do, you should check the boxes of ornaments you’ve been storing in the basement or the attic over the last year for pests like mice.

“In case there is a living organism inside the box, bring it outside, empty everything out,” Jarry Lazarus of Braman Pest Elimination explained. “Clean up the droppings, clean up any evidence of shredding of goods. Then bring it in, have a good time.”

Lazarus says you should shake off trees, wreaths and garlands and carefully inspect them for pests or eggs that maybe hiding in the branches before bringing them inside.

Be sure to inspect firewood for insects like spiders and ants. They may be dormant outside, but when they get inside your warm home they can become active again.

You should also try and store your ornaments in durable, sealed containers that pests can’t chew through instead of cardboard boxes or plastic bags.

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