Cold Weather Attracts Rodents to Your Home

Rodents are a lot like us, they look for a warm place to go in the cold months, which is why they may be nesting in your home. Mice are the most common unwanted guests this time of year.

“Like any living creature they’re fighting for survival, warmth, food,” explains Jerry Lazarus, owner of Braman Termite and Pest Elimination in Agawam.

Mice can maneuver their way inside even the cleanest homes and you may not even know you’re sharing the space.

“We took a piece of the suspended ceiling down and you can see the droppings that are noted here,” Lazarus explains as he shows the droppings from a mouse. “A lot of times you will find insulation gray from the oil off their bodies,” he adds.

They love dead areas, meaning places where humans aren’t always cleaning. They can nest in ceilings, behind walls, in basements, attics, and in the kitchen.

“The number one area we look at is the pipes, going underneath the sink,” Jerry says.

It doesn’t take much space at all for a mouse to get in, they can fit in an entry point the size of a dime.

“If they can get their head in the opening, the rest of the body just squeezes right through,” says Keith Lacross, service manager at Braman Termite and Pest Elimination.

The best way to protect your home is to do an inspection for any of those entry points. Mice actually like the snow; they will burrow in to get to their destination.

“Inspect the foundation of your home is the first thing I would start with,” says Lacross. “You’re going to want to go around any areas where you have windows, doors, cable lines, electrical lines, etc,” he adds.

You can use items like steel wool and foam to close the gaps. If you find there are unwanted guests in your home, mice tend to multiply fast so it’s best to call the professionals.