Cold Temperatures are Forcing Bugs to Move into Your Home

Braman on 22News

More bugs are around this fall because of the above average temperatures
Temperatures have been above average lately during the day but the nights have been getting cooler and bugs and other pests are looking for a warmer place to go.

They’re already trying to get in so it’s important to take steps now to stop them.

While most bugs that are trying to get in your home are just a nuisance, like stink bugs, this is the time to take action.

Jerry Lazarus the President of Braman says you should start by sealing any gaps in doorways, garage doors and where any pipes and cables come into your home.

“The time to treat the house with long residual liquids or powders is now,” said Lazarus. “Supplement those insecticides with sealing up to prevent these insects from coming in, now is the time.”

We’re also seeing more bugs around outside this fall because of the above average temperatures.

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