One-Time Solutions

One-Time Solutions

Not every pest problem requires an ongoing service program. If you have had the good fortune to require pest control service only infrequently or never, and then wasps build a nest in a shrub or a mouse takes up residence under your sink, one-time solutions may be appropriate. Give us a call or fill out a contact form. A knowledgeable representative will discuss your pest problem and, in most instances, offer a solution and price right over the phone. The service will be guaranteed for up to six months and if you are not satisfied that we have taken care of the problem, you can get your money back! However, if you tend to need pest control services more than once per year, our Multi-Pest Plan may be better for you.

Please bear in mind that some pests and settings, such as termites and bed bugs or multi-family dwellings often require a site evaluation prior to service and may not lend themselves to a one-time treatment solution.

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