Pest Management in Educational Facilities

commercial buildingPerforming pest management in educational facilities can be as basic as inspecting glue board traps and monitors in a home-based day care or it can mean taking care of the myriad pest control needs throughout a university campus as large as a small town. Braman Termite & Pest Elimination has provided service for flagship state universities, exclusive private colleges and prep schools, municipal schools systems and day care facilities of all sizes. Many of these relationships have existed for more than a decade.

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    Each specific school environment presents its own challenges. On a large campus, there will be master kitchens that may require roach, rodent and fly management on a weekly basis. Residential life managers may have concerns about bed bugs and cockroaches in dorms and facilities management may have troubles with bees, ants or mice in a classroom building. An elementary school may have once-per-month service in the kitchen/cafeteria and everything else might be on an on-call as-needed basis.

    Regardless of the size or type of facility, Braman will work with you to design a customized pest management plan we call integrated pest management or IPM. Our IPM plans will meet your specific needs and requirements, and of course, be in compliance with applicable state laws. Braman also holds Massachusetts IPM contract FAC-74 allowing us to provide service for any size state or municipal facility in the Commonwealth.

    Our consultants will work with you to design a program to meet your requirements and then our technicians will implement and maintain that program to keep you pest-free, guaranteed! Information relative to our findings and actions is collected and uploaded to our server where it is available to you almost immediately on our Customer Portal, allowing you to keep records of all your services with us.

    a winter pest invasion in the form of mice

    “I have had the privilege of using Braman’s services for the past two decades. Braman has been the only company to treat and eliminate pests we have had at the university since my hire, and for good reason. That same instinctive, hardworking, customers are #1 attitude is still present in everything they go and do it well, I might add. From weekly scheduled service calls to urgent situations, they respond to all our pest needs with a keen sense of urgency. I can always rely on them whenever needed, they respond! When it comes to pest elimination, they are simply ‘the best’.” — Jim Rovezzi, Westfield State University