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Hornets, Wasps, and Yellowjackets are the aggressive, unfriendly counterparts to beneficial honeybees. More than painful stings, an allergy to the venom of these pests can be life threatening.

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Nothing can ruin outdoor fun faster than the presence of yellow jackets, hornets and wasps; aggressive insects capable of inflicting painful, repeated stings that may cause severe allergic reactions.

Do not confuse yellow jackets, hornets and wasps with beneficial insects like honeybees and bumblebees, which are important pollinators and contribute to a healthy eco-system. Besides, they are naturally nonaggressive and none of the males can sting. The females may sting if the nest is threatened. Female honeybees can only sting once while female bumblebees are capable of stinging multiple times.

Braman has been dealing with stinging insects for over 125 years. We have the experience and expertise with bees and wasps to ensure that any bee infestation or hornets’ nest is handled promptly and safely. Our licensed pest professionals have been trained to identify all manner of stinging insects. Contact one of Braman’s pest control professionals today and get rid of your bee problem!

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