Don’t Let Bugs and Wildlife Crash Your Summer Camping Trip

Mosquito on skin

There are certain guests you want on your summer camping trip. Family and friends can make a weekend in the woods the stuff of personal legend with lasting memories and stories to retell. But bugs and wildlife can turn that trip into a nightmare. The whine of incoming mosquitos are just the warning sign—you’ve got ticks, bats and bears to worry about, as well. We can help you keep them off your summer guestlist (and out of your backyard, too.)

Pests are No Small Threat

Bugs and wildlife can leave you with more than an itchy bite or two. Mosquitoes can transmit West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, while ticks can carry Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and a variety of other nasty ailments. Racoons and bats can carry rabies. As for provoked bears, we’ll leave that to your imagination. This summer, don’t bring home more than pics, memories, and well-worn camping gear. Follow our tips for protecting your campsite, your backyard and your summer.

  • Check your gear: mend any holes in tent walls. At the campsite, seal the flap when not in use.
  • Save your skin: use bug repellant that contains EPA-registered ingredients like Picaridin or DEET. Use and reapply as the label instructs.
  • Suit up: prevent tick and bug bites with long sleeves, pants, socks and shoes. Check yourself often for hitchhikers.
  • Leave the petting for zoos: don’t feed, tease or approach wild animals.
  • Free your site from scent: bees, wasps and yellowjackets like sweets and sodas. But fragrant shampoos, perfumes and candles can lure them, too. Leave them at home.
  • Sip in peace: drink from clear plastic cups—so you can spot intruding pests at arm’s length. If you must drink from a can, use a straw.
  • Lock it down: store food and beverages in coolers or similar closed containers. Do the same with used utensils and dishware.
  • Tie it up: Keep sealed garbage bins with empty bottles, cans and food waste well away from sleeping grounds.

These steps can help you keep your summer camping trip—and your backyard—invite-only. For expert help on pest prevention, give Braman a call: we’ve been eradicating residential threats for over 125 years.