Stinging Bugs and Business are a Dangerous Combination

Wasps on a bottle top

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. You need to attract and retain them to grow and succeed, which is why stinging insects and business are a mix you can’t afford. Don’t let bees and wasps chase off customers. We’ve got a few tips to help you avoid a swarm of stings and bad online reviews.

The Hazards of Hiding Spots

Late summer stirs up stinging insects, whose nests have grown over the months, and who forage for food in the warm weather. Yellowjackets can build both above and underground nests. Bald-faced hornets nest in trees, large bushes, or under the eaves of buildings. Paper wasp nests can be found hanging from rafters, or in manmade structures like mailboxes, cable TV or utility boxes and light fixtures, among others.

Getting rid of insect nests is tricky and dangerous. Above-ground nests may require the use of ladders or squeezing into tight spaces. This is best left to trained professionals with the equipment and gear to do it safely. Yellowjacket nests may contain upwards of 5,000 workers, while honey bees can reach tens of thousands of workers. For an allergic individual, a single sting is an emergency situation.

 Top Tips to Keep Stinging Bugs and Business Apart

  • Inspect your business and surroundings for nests, which can resemble golf balls or footballs in size and shape.
  • Seal or paint any untreated wood. Seal gaps or crevices in your building’s exterior.
  • Wasps can quickly swarm spilled food or beverages, so immediately clean sidewalks or outdoor tables.
  • Cover outdoor trash containers tightly when not in use; store away from doors and windows, and empty every night.
  • Double-bag trash and routinely carry to dumpster. Avoid dragging the bag or tearing it on sharp edges, to cut down on spills and leaks.
  • Have dumpsters emptied more often in the warm summer months.
  • Clear trash and debris from the area around the dumpster, and from the path between it and the business.
  • If a stung customer shows symptoms of an allergic reaction—hives, rash, difficulty breathing, swelling of tongue or throat, nausea, dizziness or fainting—call 911.
  • For thorough protection for you and your customers, turn to a pest removal professional.

Keep your business safe and successful—give us a call for expert pest prevention.