Rid Your Retail Establishment of Pests

A grain beetle sitting in food

Whether you operate a clothing boutique, pharmacy, convenience or grocery store, welcoming visitors through your front door is a top priority. But what if your “visitors” come in through a crack in your foundation? Or a tear in a screen? A few months ago, we posted a blog about pest management with a focus on manufacturing facilities, but the reality is, all businesses, including retail establishments, are at risk for unwanted “visitors.” Not to fear, though. We can help. If you’d like to learn about risks and ways to rid your retail establishment of pests, we invite you to read on.

Be Welcoming (to Retail Customers Only)

Unfortunately, some offerings that lure customers into your store are likewise tempting to pests. Mice, for instance, are on the quest for shelter and food, and both are readily available in a sprawling grocery store. And what about a nice, warm pile of sweaters in a back stockroom? Comfy and cozy fall attire isn’t just appealing to your human visitors. In fact, moths are also fans.

If you have an infestation, it might seem impossible to overcome. Not so, with our help. We’ve worked with businesses ranging from mom and pops all the way up to Fortune 500 companies, successfully eradicating pests in each. And, we’ve also helped businesses of all types stop an infestation before it starts by identifying potential pest entry points.

Repeat Business

First, we’ll discuss eradication techniques. Any business that involves food—storing, processing or serving—should repeat service at least once a month. This repetition, whether it be the application of an insecticide dust or aerosol to eradicate ants, insect light traps for flies, or the implementation of a pheromone trapping program for grain bugs, could make the difference between a feast that is successful…or spoiled.

With so much at stake, it doesn’t make “cents” to leave it to chance: a holistic pest management plan will positively impact your bottom line. If your customers are entering a facility that is neat, tidy and pest-free, they’re more likely to repeat business with you.

Rolling (In) the Red Carpet

Of course, preventing an infestation before it starts is always a preferred option. Just as you know what your customers want—we know what pests want. Our licensed professionals, through site visits and assessments, can help identify threats and recommend solutions. When you’re ready to rid your retail establishment of pests, we’re ready to help. Contact us today.