Protect Your Pet from Fleas and Ticks this Spring

Dog getting a bath

Dogs and cats are more than just companions—they’re members of our families. But their love, loyalty and furry coats can sometimes come with annoying passengers like fleas and ticks. As spring temperatures begin to rise and their hours outside lengthen, pets can be at greater risk of carrying home unwelcome cargo. We’re here with advice on how to protect your pet from fleas and ticks.

More than an Annoying Itch

Beyond bites or spreading bacteria to pets, ticks can do damage in the form of tick paralysis, a condition caused by a female tick attaching near the spinal column of a cat or dog. This can lead to loss of coordination, muscle weakness and even death from respiratory failure. Flea saliva can cause dermatitis, anemia and is capable of transferring tapeworms to dogs or cats.

A List to Tick Off

Here are some pest-screening tips to protect your pet from fleas and ticks, as well as your home and family:

  • When walking dogs, sidestep tall grass, where ticks can be found in greater numbers.
  • Check your dog or cat for fleas and ticks regularly, particularly after time spent outside.
  • Watch your pet for excessive licking or scratching.
  • After a walk, or following playtime with other animals, give your pet a bath (or at least inspect them for attached ticks, etc.).
  • Wash your pet’s toys, collars and bedding regularly.
  • Wash your own bed linens and vacuum furniture, floors and carpets frequently.
  • Empty the vacuum bags in an outside trash container.
  • Consult your veterinarian about prevention treatments for ticks and fleas.

Because of their tiny size and ease of mobility, fleas and ticks can be difficult to find and eradicate once they’ve been smuggled inside your home. A trained and certified pest professional is your best bet for complete flea and tick elimination.

Wag-Worthy Protection

With our new Mosquito and Tick Protection Program, you get pest treatments starting in early spring and continuing through the end of fall. We’ll assess your home and property to identify any existing pests, breeding grounds or high-risk areas. Contact us today to get protected.