How Pests Take Advantage of Winter Weather

black and gray raccoon

Winter has officially arrived and while the season brings opportunities for cozy movie nights, ice sports and snowman building, it also heralds the start of some potentially nasty weather. Snow, ice, wind and rain can damage your property, opening new entry points in your home for pests who are seeking refuge from the cold.

Just like humans, pests such as rodents, wildlife and others don’t want to be stuck outside when winter weather gets bad. Here are the ways different types of winter weather can damage your house, which pests could exploit these newfound weaknesses, and how you can prevent them from infiltrating your home or business.


As New Englanders, we’re used to waking up on winter mornings to inches upon inches of new-fallen snow. And while many of us have a warm place to stay when this happens, animals such as rats, mice and squirrels may not be so lucky—that’s why they may look for ways to get into your home. Rodents can easily squeeze through small cracks that lead into your home, only to chew on electrical wiring and possibly even spread disease once inside. Take time to regularly inspect the outside of your property for any gaps that may have opened and block or seal them.


As the weather warms and refreezes, ice dams can form on the roofs causing water to seep inside and damage walls, ceilings, drywall and insulation. Routinely check for any water damage in your home and address it quickly, otherwise, it can lead to mold as well as pest issues in the springtime, since a variety of pests are attracted to wet or rotting wood and other materials. Ice dams can also create openings for rodents to crawl through.


Heavy wind can be extremely destructive to many parts of a property’s exterior. Inspect for damage to your roof and siding; if they become loose or detached, animals such as raccoons and bats can gain access and turn your space into an animal hotel.


Similar to ice, rain can cause moisture damage to a residence, setting up the perfect environment for carpenter ants or even termites to make their home—though those pests are usually a problem in the spring, not the winter. During the winter, rodents and other pests might search for a dry place when there is a lot of rainfall. After heavy rain, check around your house for signs of critters using your home as shelter.

We Can Help Keep Pests Away

Reach out to us for help if you’ve already seen rodents, ants, raccoons or other pests in your home. Our experienced team will put into place eradication and prevention measures that will keep pests outside all winter long!