Hazardous to your Health Care: Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities

IV drip filled with clear liquid

While pests have no business at any business, their presence can be downright dangerous in a facility that provides patient care. That’s why Braman has made a partnership with healthcare institutions a critical part of our business.

The fact is, a hospital or other care facility often provides ideal areas for pests to explore and possibly make their home. Mice, cockroaches, ants, flies and bed bugs are among the pests we most frequently find in these settings. Some invaders carry bacteria that can contaminate surfaces and equipment, potentially spreading infection to patients and causing serious illness.

Pest control for healthcare facilities: the partnership

Because of the mandatory need for sanitary conditions in patient care, healthcare institutions are required to facilitate regular third-party pest control audits. Conducting these audits, as well as partnering with institutions to implement an ongoing integrated pest management (IPM) program, are among our key offerings. While some problem areas and safeguards are obvious, many others require specialized training and extensive experience to identify and address.

We begin by having our certified technicians go out to a facility and thoroughly inspect the premises. Then, we work with management and staff to ensure that all recommended precautions are in place to prevent pest invasion.

Nothing left unchecked

In general, an effective pest control program for a healthcare facility will assess and correct potential problems in these areas:

  • Direct entry points. These include staff and visitor entrances, utility openings and loading docks, and windows that open.
  • Building exteriors. Cracks in foundations or exterior walls can easily allow pests to get inside.
  • Plumbing systems. Many pests, such as cockroaches and flies, seek out areas of moisture.
  • Food storage. Kitchens, cafeterias and snack bars must adhere to special guidelines for pest control.
  • “Hot spots.” Various other areas of healthcare facilities, such as laundry rooms, janitorial closets, food carts and bedside furniture (especially where plants or other patient gifts sit) are at risk for pest problems.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your patients. Contact us today to learn more about protecting them from the potential dangers of pests.