Don’t Let Halloween Pests Haunt Your House

Close up of wolf spider

As the temps drop and the leaves fall, scary creatures come to your home in search of food. This October, ensure that trick-or-treaters are your only visitors by preventing Halloween pests from making a home invasion.

Bats, rats and spiders may make the perfect holiday decorations, but their real-life counterparts are no treat for homeowners. They don’t ring the doorbell before trying to come in, but by taking a few steps of prevention, you can lock them out and keep your fall nightmare-free.

  • Bats roost in attics, eaves, downspouts and the like, emerging at dusk to feed on insects. They may carry rabies, posing serious threat to both humans and pets. Keep them outside by screening chimneys and vents, repairing cracked window frames or other portals and installing door sweeps.
  • Rats can squeeze into your home through openings no bigger than a quarter. They can contaminate food, carry disease and cause electrical fires by gnawing through wires. Pre-screen your Halloween supplies by inspecting boxes of pumpkins and faux cobwebs for signs of infestation like gnaw marks or rodent droppings. Following the holiday, store decorations in sealed plastic bins to prevent future rats from making their next nest.
  • Spiders are largely harmless, but the sight of them scurrying in the shadows can give kids, spouses and houseguests the serious creeps. These critters love clutter and dusty corners, so keep your storage areas clean and pared-down. Vacuum and dust rooms thoroughly, and inspect the house and foundation for cracks or holes. When pulling out Halloween decorations or other boxes, wear heavy glove

These steps will help you keep Halloween pests where they belong—outside your home. Though stores sell some pest repellants, they often prove ineffective. So if you’d like to keep your home safely free of pests this fall, contact us today. Our trained professionals can help.